Friday, June 12, 2009

To the Park!

Last night with Nathan going to his second job at night I thought Colton and I should have some fun on our own! I had intended to take him to the park on my day off Monday, but of course it was rainy and cold, so we went last night. And boy did we have a good time for an hour and a half. Grandpa even joined us for a few minutes when he got off work and before he went home from supper as his place of employement is right next to the city park! So here are a few picture highlights from our recent adventure! The first is of Colton saying Mom really pictures again!

This is Colton going down the "BIG" slide or whee as Colton would say. You don't think he enjoys it do you? He only went down it 2 million times!
This is a picture of Colton climbing up a ladder "thingy" to get to that "BIG" slide! He thought I was absolutely silly for "hidding" behind the ladder. (Don't tell him but it was actually to get a really cute picture, and it worked!)

So there you have it a night of fun at the park. We topped it off with a trip to the local gas station for a "cold pop" (juice) and some twizzlers nibs! Gotta love me some summer!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Iowa Annual Conference

I have returned back from the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church! I left last Thursday and was back Sunday afternoon. It was 4 days of voting, debating, worshipping, and meeting up with friends I only get to see once a year.
Perhaps I should explain a little about why I get to go? Each Methodist pastor in Iowa "gets" (has) to go to annual conference, then each church elects a delegate to go from their church. As you might imagine there are some church's that have more than one pastor and some pastors in positions besides serving a church well to make the total number of clergy and lay equal the districts (there are 8 in Iowa) elect what are called equalization members. I have gone the last two years as an equalization member, and I have to tell you it is a very eye opening experience as to how our church is set up and run!
I didn't take a lot of pictures but I did take a few that I wanted to share with you as well as one awesome video! This video was taken at the opening worship and it is the African's Children's Choir! They are the cutest and most spirited young kids I have ever seen, by far the highlight of all of the worship times we took part in while we were there! The above picture was taken from my seat at conference, and as you can see we were pretty close to the stage this year. The stage is where our Bishop (Bishop Trimble) sits with his people and they run the whole thing. So you can get an idea of how big of an event this is there are around 1200 people from across the state that attend annual conference each year. Well that's a pretty good summary (I think!), but if anyone out there in the blog world has any questions please feel free to leave that in the comments section, or if you attend annual conference let me know that too!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Heart Faces, I'M BACK!!!

I didn't a lot of great pictures this year at Colton's birthday, because well I was too into the unwrapping and the eating and being a hostess to actually remember to get some good shots. But this one makes me laugh. Partially because Colton is being SO inpatient about getting his toy out of the box, and partially because the person he wanted to open the toy was in a cast up to his elbow and was having a heck of a time opening it. Funny moment! Oh and by the way that's my husband's cousin who is opening the gift for Colton and just happens to be one of Colton's very favorite people! So this is my entry for this week's I heart faces contest, their theme being birthdays! So go and visit all of the other lovely birthday faces this week!