Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Hole in our Gospel, Richard Stearns

The Hole in our Gospel, by Richard Stearns takes a hard look at the problems facing our world today, and what the Bible says is our duty as Christians. Stearns tells his life stories and as he shares with you those stories he relates that Jesus called us to action not inaction, and that is the hole in our gospel today.

I found this book to be fairly entertaining thanks to all of the stories both of Stearns and of others it really brought the book to life. My major problem with the book was that the entire point of this book seems to be to get us American Christians to DO something to help with the world's problem, but as the CEO of World Vision it almost at times feels like he wrote this book just get donations for his company. I must admit at times it was a powerful message and it tugged on your heart strings and you consider donating to his organization. I don't believe this was his purpose in writing this book though, I want to believe that he truly cares about the poor and sick of this world and that it does not matter to him which organization you support as long as you find a way to take action and try and do your part to help the people of this world.

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Friday, June 25, 2010


Lots has been going on our house! With me back at work and picking up preaching duties at a local church there isn't a lot of time to be had to be updating my blog! Here are some pictures from the last month or so! The first one I took last weekend and it needs a little red eye reduction but other than's Carson sitting in his bumbo seat for the first time! This nosy little guy loved it!

This picture is a little dark but as you can see someone was taking the pictures for me and so too dark is just fine with me! This is from Carson's baptism! You'll see our little family and Carson's Godparents Aunt Kayla and Uncle Kyle.

This little guy is getting ready to roll over! And he is constantly trying to master this new skill, we're getting very close to success!

Carson's first bit of cereal from a bowl! He wasn't real thrilled and we have since switched back to just putting it in the bottle...easier for us! I am thinking by next week though we'll be back to eating with a spoon because we're starting to get hungrier at night time again!

And what a beautiful smile he has! As long as we're clean and not hungry whenever someone pays us just a little bit of attention this is the face you get! FYI this outfit is now to small for us, so you can see how much we have grown in the last month.

That's all for now!