Monday, October 19, 2009

An Afternoon Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

I woke Colton up early yesterday to travel to the pumpkin patch as it looked like it would be the only nice day to go this year. It was 65, but cool in the wind. I took my Mom with and we had a good time! Here are some pictures to share with you! This first one is of Colton playing in the little playground area they have...he didn't want to leave this area! He kept saying, "Mom, I'll make you some supper ok?"

Here are the pumpkins me and Colton picked out!

Inside the corn maze! Colton and Grandma would run around the curves, hide, and then "scare" me! We got this one shot of us together (too bad we both can't be looking at the camera! Oh well nothing is ever perfect!)

Colton on the hayrack ride! I love this picture!

As for a baby update! I am now 17 weeks, and I think we are doing just darn right well! The morning sickness for the most part has subsided, the carsick well that still lingers! My last OB Appt went well and everything looked fine, and my next one is a week from today! It seems like those last 8 weeks flew by even though I thought they never would!