Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"The Map, The Way of All Great Men," David Murrow ~ book review

Below you will find my very first book review for the book sneeze program!

"The Map, The Way of All Great Men", by David Murrow is some what of a continuation to Murrow's book "Why Men Hate Going to Church". If you have read the Da Vinci Code or like mystery movies the beginning of this book is right up your alley! The begins as a mystery over a map unfolds and the author of the book takes up the greatest adventure of his life! Both fascinating and enlightening the first half of the book begs for you to keep reading to unlock more of the secrets of this great map.
As you read into the second half of the book you will discover all of the secrets Murrow has discovered with regards to this map. What is the purpose of this map? The map is the Christian's guide for life. Murrow shows the readers how this map is applicable in real life, and how it is effecting our church's of today.
I enjoyed reading this book and found much of the information useful as a lay minister and applicable in my preaching and serving the church. However, as a female I did not get as much out of this book as I think a man would, basically because this book was written for men and not for woman. The first half of the book was wonderful and engaging and the second half while a bit more dry held my attention and at times I was taking notes to remember tidbits that Murrow shared with his audience.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Introducing Carson Lee!

So I always forget that I have to upload my pictures in reverse order, so first here is a picture of Colton as he hunts Easter Eggs at Grandma's house on Sunday. He really was excited about it, but who could resist a classic Colton face like that one. Thanks to Aunt Kayla for hiding the eggs and for taking this picture while I rested inside!

Next I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family....Carson Lee! He was born a week ago today March 30th at 6:42 pm. He weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz and was 19" long! As seems to be my normal he was a long time in coming, but we think he is pretty darn precious now that he is here.
Here is Dad and Colton with little Carson about an hour or so after he was born. Colton wasn't really sure what to think, but he warmed up before we took him home!

And one of my favorite pictures even though you can tell that the babe hadn't been given a bath yet, but a picture with his great-grandma (aka Old Lala)!

So far things are going pretty good around here, everyone is tired but that too will pass! Carson seems to be eating pretty good at times 4 oz. He goes about 4 hours between feedings sometimes more sometimes less (we haven't really established a routine yet). Colton is starting to lose his bad attitude and my energy is slowly returning. We're hoping that by next week we will have a routine for all three of us and I will be up to doing it all on my own as right now my mom has been helping me out (THANKS MOM!) Well now it's off to put my feet up and hold the baby while Colton finishes his nap!