Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A lifetime Ago

So it feels like a lifetime since I have actually sat down and wrote a blog post, but here is a little of what we have been up to. I have more pictures to post soon, and we will be busy in the next week so more and more pictures! These first pictures are from our families first tractor ride. We woke up early one morning during the fair and along with 33 other tractors toured the county a little bit. It was a cold but fun ride. This first picture is of Nathan and Colton driving the tractor.

Colton laughing, I honestly don't remember what was so funny but it must have been!
This was what we rode on, I actually didn't ever get a picture of the whole tractor..I know how silly of me! But you can see that for most of the trip Colton and I rode on the back seat and Nathan drove. This actually wasn't one of our own (many) tractors but it belonged to Nathan's boss. (He works nights fixing tractors)

These last pictures are from the day we finished siding our house (well the East side). My twin nephews came to visit and I was able to grab a picture of the three cousins (something that never seems possible). Well known of them are smiling but you take what you can get!

This shot was taken by Nathan! He told Colton to smile and this was the face he got! Classic!

Anyways on to the baby news as you can see we are due April 3rd, although that might change when I have my first OB appt. on the 31st. The question of the day seems to be "How are you feeling". Well people just shouldn't ask, because they never like my response of "horrible", but people I am not a good liar! Anyways this too shall pass and one day I will wake up and no longer feel ill every waking hour and can just enjoy be pregnant. Anyways more to come with pictures from our adventure to Albert City Threshermen's Festival!

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