Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween and Fall Pictures

So I am finally getting around to posting some Halloween pictures, better late then never I guess! The first couple are of the 4-wheeler that has made its home at our place. I give you my mother and my son taking it for a spin!

Dad and son getting reading for a ride (did I mention that Colton absolutely loves these rides!).

Now Halloween....Colton was not into it at all. We went to like 5 houses and then he was like take me home this is crazyness! But we managed to get a few cute pictures of our little monster! Here he is with Old Lala aka his great-grandma.

Here he is with my mom and it looks like that is my dad in the background still eating supper. Do you like the cowboy boots with the costume? Yeah we would have no part of wearing tennis shoes.

And a big smile! This was of course taken before we went out trick-or-treating!

Happy Friday everybody!

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