Friday, August 29, 2008

A Day At The Zoo!

Today we traveled to the zoo in Omaha to see all the animals. We spent the day gawking at animals and pointing out to Colton to look over here and look over there, but none the less it was a fun family day. Colton's favorites were definately the aquarium, the rainforest, and the train ride! Check out these pictures from today...the first is Colton and I in the rainforest, next is Colton and Nathan getting ready to take the train ride (I went along too), then Colton being fasinated by the rabbits drinking water in the "petting" zoo (I say "petting" because there were only goats that you could pet), followed by Nathan and Colton on a bridge looking at me through a waterfall, and finally Nathan and Colton checking out some really cool monkeys in the rainforest. Enjoy!

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