Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LeT iT rAiN!!!

Let it rain and rain and rain some more! Why?!? Because this is what Nathan spent the weekend working on....

A new tin roof, in pretty white! Sooooo nice to not have to worry about a leaky roof! I think it looks much better as well! Why else are we not worried about the rain anymore? Because of this...
New white rock for our lane! Much prettier too! Oh and this....well don't mention it to Nathan but we went garage saling on Friday and look at one of the treasures we found! Colton loves to plant the vegetables and pick up the mail! He's not in this picture because he was off taking a nap Sunday afternoon. But you probably see too many pictures of him anyways!
Any whoo thats what we did this weekend, oh besides me driving to Omaha to go to a musical with Kayla which was worth the two hour drive in the middle of the night to get home to preach the next morning! Have a great week!

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