Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An At Home Weekend (for the most part)

Well...not much exciting going on this week at our house. I had my second installment of youth group on Wens. (too many boys!), we're planning to do a skit for both the Ida Grove and Arthur churches in a couple of weeks so we passed out parts and went over that, considering ALL the boys it went pretty good. This weekend the husband helped a local contractor do some shingling and then it was off to Sioux City to pick up the rest of the roofing supplies (among a few other goodies). When we came home with some stain in hand to try the kitchen chair my mom had finished stripping for us, and below is the beginnings of what the chair has come to look like. Just one more coat of varnish, and painting the back white and it will be done! Well of course I am going to do something with the seat, and of course there are 3 other chairs and the table to do, but PROGRESS!

Oh and yeah that's Nathan staining the chair! Earlier in the afternoon while the boys were off playing with Nathan's cousin (something about a combine), I went to the garden and picked pumbkins! Finishing with a few battle wounds but alas 20 pumpkins! Anyone want one?!? I have given a few away, but seriously what am I going to do with THAT many pumpkins?
Then there is THIS picture! This was while I was making supper and my little boy could not wait ANY longer for some food, and so I opened the fridge and let him pick out what he wanted to snack on. What does he pick? The same thing he always picks....weight watchers yogurt and his favorite flavor was on hand key lime pie. Yes that's right my boy LOVES weight watchers yogurt! Weird but true.
Though most parents would let their kids eat a snack before supper, with my kid its okay because after this entire cup of yogurt (and I mean entire he tries to drink what's left and if he can't get it with a handy dandy spoon then in goes the finger!) he ate a chicken leg, helping of green beans, a helping of stuffing...then we went to Dension to get groceries and he had a box of animal crackers and a small fry from McDonalds on the way home! Man can that kid eat! Anyways hope all of you who are reading have a fantastic week!

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