Monday, October 6, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Sunday Colton and Grandma and Granpa Kelley along with Aunt Kayla and my self traveled to the pumpkin patch for a little fun! This picture is (which I think is darn cute) was taken at the patch they have all kinds of these painted around the place that you stick your head through and take a picture!

First thing when we got there we decided to try out the corn maze. This is Colton finally getting brave enough to walk around by himself. It wasn't exactly the trail but....
This is him "hiding" in the corn.
After the corn maze we hopped on the hayrack ride to pick out our pumpkin. This is the one we liked and so the two of us cut it and carried it back to the ride. Well more of me carrying then Colton but you get the idea.
This was inside the "gift shop". They have a little kid area and Colton got to try his hand at milking a "cow"!
We spent about an hour after this playing on all the various toys and even playing in an inflatable bouncy thing! Fun Times!

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