Monday, March 9, 2009

Big News (at least in my world!)

What is going on here? Well the big news for me is that we finally got high speed internet! WHOOHOO! Below is the proof! I am so excited I took a half a day off of work just to be here for the installation, and good thing I was because the guy came 3 hours early!

The second big news is these came in the mail today! Two pairs!
That's right we are trying something new on the potty training front, training pants. He has them on now and so far so good. He even told me he needed to go once today! So we are keeping our fingers crossed! And lastly we bought this gem from a friend of mine this weekend who is moving to a house that already has one!

Yup, we got Colton a swing set! He was so excited when we put it up, that he was laughing and yelling and carrying on. He even had to go down the slide even though it had been rained on!
So that's what's been going on at our house!


Alicia said...

Hi Kristin!! Well it sounds like you are getting blessed left and right!! more dial up!! Isn't it awesome?

Blue Castle said...

You've been blogging with out high-speed internet? That's quite an accomplishment. :) Glad you're moving faster now.

Nieman Family said...

YEA for a new swing set and high speed. You'll be addicted and will find yourself on here more and more and more and more...

Life with Kaishon said...

Kristin! Those are some HUGE deals. I mean, I don't even know how you were living without high speed internet : ). That is something to shout from the rooftops. I love your swing set and I am so glad he is excited : ). I am even excited for you about the training pants. Mostly excited because I am not the one going thru it : ).