Monday, March 23, 2009

Christmas in March?!?

We had kind of an exciting weekend! Which included Christmas on Sat.! That's right I said Christmas. My aunt, uncle and two cousins never made it down to Christmas this year due to the weather, so they made the trip Sat. (the nicest day we have had so far!), and brought Colton some Christmas presents and his birthday presents! So I thought I would share a few highlights! This first picture is my aunt and Colton putting together a puzzle they gave him.

This one is of Colton opening a present with a farm book! Yes that's me with the frizzy crazy hair, and my uncle in the background.
This video is after Colton opened I think his favorite present of the day, his "punching bag". He laughed and laughed playing with this toy.

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Life with Kaishon said...

Christmas in March! Perfect : ). He is getting so big. It's crazy! He really looks older in that picture where he is coming down the stairs. Your no flash entry!