Friday, May 8, 2009

My "Prime Directive"

I have just finished reading page after page of biblical commentary in order to prepare for writing a sermon I will be giving next weekend. My mind is filled with all of the wonderful ways the gospel just spoke to me, but the greatest image is of Star Trek! Crazy I know! As a young kid my Dad loved this show, and I can remember Sunday night dinners in front of the TV so we could all watch Star Trek the Next Generation together. Well one of the commentaries spoke of Star Trek and how they had this thing called the prime directive, a common goal that everyone was striving far. I believe the Prime Directive for us Christians can be summed up in just one work, LOVE! Can I get an AMEN?! In the spirit of love and my prime directive I wanted to share with you a few photos taken weeks ago but some up the love I have for my family and the things they love! This first picture, that's my husband's love (besides me and our little family of course) TRACTORS (the red ones)! He loves working on them and fixing them up. This is a picture of a recent project of his and his cousin which they later sold on Ebay (it is sometimes nice to love something that will earn you a little extra money!)
This next picture, my love, my son, with his love exploration. We are in the process of refinishing our kitchen chairs. This chair was just finished being sanded (by my lovely mother!) and the actual chair part had not been put back on. Well what better than to get inside the chair and walk around, what could be more fun! You gotta love kids!

This last picture I took after that love of mine my son got up from a nap. He "snuck" over to the door to our spare bedroom and in true exploring fashion got on his knees (or elbows as he calls them) to peer into the room to see what was in there. What a little munkin!
So now in the spirit of mother's day (and my sermon for next Sunday) let's all pour out some love this weekend!
Happy Friday!

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Life with Kaishon said...

You are going to be the speaker at church! WOW! That is huge! Hey did you finally get DSL or something because you are blogging and posting pictures like nobody's business! I have to show this picture to my Daddy. He loves Farmalls.