Monday, May 4, 2009

Looky Looky!

Well I haven't been blogging much lately...I guess perhaps I am just not in the mood for sharing! But I have been keeping up with all of the blogs that I read! But I have news! Big news! And if you lived in my house you would know it's big news, but alas after trip to the city yesterday I purchased this bad boy below!

You do not even know the excitement that I have to finally get a DISHWASHER! I hate doing the dishes, no that does not even cut it I HATE doing dishes. So this is a dream come true! It is a portable style because we don't have a place to "put" in my kitchen, but it is also if down the road I can fit it in somewhere underneath a counter it can become a built in (genius!) Any whoo there really is more going on in my life, I just have to not be so lazy and take pictures, oh and write about it too! Happy Monday (is there such a thing?!?)


Life with Kaishon said...

KRISTIN! A dishwasher is VERY exciting stuff : ). Almost as exciting as having internet access : ) without dial up!

I love your dishwasher! I am glad to see you again!

Femin Susan said...

love your dish washer! Have a great day.

Life with Kaishon said...

How are you doing with your new appliance. Are you in love : )