Thursday, July 23, 2009

DIY Home Improvement Time!

So I came home from a Bridal Shower Sat. evening to find a new window in my living room and new siding on the house. We have been working on the East side of our house all summer, but I was surprised when there was progress made while I was gone. Well we continued working all weekend with the help of Nathan's mom and Dad and brother we got both of our new big windows put in and quite a bit of siding done as well. We just keep plugging away at it, but boy what a difference it makes. Once you see the color of my house before you will understand! The first pictures are from Colton getting his hair cut. Us "ground crew" ladies took some time out to cut his hair, well mostly my MIL did, but "assisted"! He thought it was so FUN to sit on the saw horse to get his hair cut!

This picture was taken before the second window was out and they were still tearing things apart, but you can see how ugly that green paint is? It is actually much worse in person!

This is the after picture from the bottom picture window they just put in, gorgeous!

I am posting this for A Soft Place To Land's DIY day! Go here to visit!

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