Thursday, July 2, 2009


Vacation has come and gone. This was Colton's very first vacation and the first one for me in a long time. Colton and I tagged along with my parents for a vacation in the Black Hills. We had an amazing time, although we missed our dad/husband! We stayed right across the street from the Flinstone Park, and the first night there Colton was sure the "monsters" (huge cement Dino) was going to get him. We did a lot while we were there.....Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, 1880's Train Ride, Bear Country, Storybook Island, Alpine Slide, Horse Back Riding, Flinstone's Park, and of course swimming. I was amazed at how well Colton handled the 8 hour drive, but he did not ask once either way if he could get out of his car seat. He loved everything we did, and was WAY upset when he wasn't old enough to go horse back riding or we didn't let him go down the alpine slide. But enough of me writing let's look at pictures! The first is of the the two of us eating homemade ice cream at Wall Drug, in Wall, SD. (It was great to have my mom along to talk to some pictures of the two of us, usually its me taking all the pictures.) MMM mint chip my favorite!

This is Colton "rock climbing"! He kept saying, "Get Dad's Ladder!" This was in Custer State Park.

My Dad and Colton looking at "Guys on Rock" (aka Mount Rushmore).

Colton and I on the 1880's train eating our second box of popcorn, one for each way (I guess).

Colton and I at the Badlands on the way home. Colton kept saying, "WOW!"

Happy 4th!

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