Monday, September 21, 2009

A Dancing Fool!

A week or so ago we traveled to my cousin's wedding. Colton was all exciting to go dancing and in fact thought we should just skip the church wedding part and go straight to dancing! And let's not even talk about the bride and groom having a dance all to themselves are father/daughter dance?! We were in tears we had to get off of the dance floor for a couple of minutes. By 9 my husband had to carry him off of the dance floor crying because he wanted to stay longer. At least he had fun. Here are a few photos of the fun! Dancing with Grandma.

Dancing with Aunt Kayla!

Playing with a straw at the reception!

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Jill said...

thanks for stopping by our blog today! we loved the mt Vernon atmosphere! i don't know how far you live from Iowa City now, but let us know (via email) if you want an invite to our open house in December! (we'll also be in Des Moines in November!) congrats on baby #2 - hope you're feeling well!