Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To Catch up!

Here are a few pictures for everyone to catch up on what has been going on in our little families lives the last umm month or so! The first picture is from my bestie's wedding. It's not the best picture but you get the idea (luv her!)

The second is at the State Fair. Okay this is also a lousy photo, but it was a funny moment. Colton thought it would be fun to run in this water, until he got close and then it was good enough to just stick his arm in the water. Thus me not having enough time to take a good picture of the event, because it happened much faster than it was supposed to. I got one other photo taken at the fair and it is sadly not any better, but what do expect when I spent the day pushing a stroller around whether it had a little boy in it or not!
Ok this also not a great photo but it captures a pretty big moment for our little one. While I was away at my BF's bachelorette party I made a stop by the Once Upon a Child (looking for a new stroller) and found these adorable cowboy boots for him. He loves them! Mostly because they are just like Dad's but because their pretty awesome too!

This is Colton at the Albert City Threshermen's Festival. I am not sure what he is looking at but apparently it is way cool!

There you have it our August of highlights! For those looking for a baby update...I had a regularly scheduled OB appt on Monday the 24th. The dr. was able to hear the baby's heartbeat right away and everything looks fine, and my progesterone levels are coming up! Yeah! So we're keeping the faith here and counting the days and weeks!

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