Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Countdown begins

I haven't really been in the mood to take pictures lately, so I only have one new one to show you, but this biased momma thinks its pretty darn cute! This is Colton helping Grandpa Jeff cook chili! What a little ham!

In other news....the countdown is on 4 1/2 weeks until this baby is due! This week we (maybe more I) hope to get the nursery completely done. Nathan has the room completely painted and so all I have left is to get the curtains hung and the alphabet decoration I have been planning on hanging on the wall, and with any luck then I will take a picture of the lovely room awaiting baby Boysen 2. I am already going for doctor's appointments every week now (we apparently skipped those every two week things)! Everyone around here (except for family who know better!) have been telling me how huge I am, and their eyes get very big when I tell them I still have over a month left! Maybe I should take a picture of my self so you can all draw your own conclusions! HA!

Other than anxiously awaiting the baby I am also awaiting next weekends scrapbooking retreat, and looking forward to a night and two days away from work and home! A last hurrah if you must before I look forward to getting just an hour or two of sleep at a time.

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