Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A New Sister!

On June 21st our family hosted the wedding of my brother and his now wife Kayla on our acreage. We had spent the last few months painting our buildings a nice shade of barn red, and our porches white, as well as mowing and trying to do some lanscaping, and I think it all turned out well and the place look very nice. Not only was the wedding help at my acreage but I was also a bridesmaid and as a newly comissioned lay missioner I also conducted the ceremony with the help of our local pastor. It was a beautiful day, filled with many memories, and I am so grateful for a new sister, and a new aunt for Colton who just adores Kayla! The Boysen's wish Craig and Kayla all the happiness in the world and of course it wouldn't be a wedding without lots of pictures!

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