Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 Minute Makeover

I know I am super super late on this one, but I was so inspired by reading everyone else's entires for Nester's 10 Minute makeovers that I had to try it my self. And after days of working on different areas of the house and many sore muscles I thought I would share with you the very first of my little mini makeovers, perhaps more to follow. This one is in my kitchen, and please follow the link back to the Nester's site to see even more great ideas!

Ok so this first picture is an up close view of a tablescape I did, ever so inspired by the many people who did different varieties of these. Someone said we should all have a side table in our kitchen. Well I didn't have an extra one of those lying around, but I did have this dresser just taking up space in my son's room, so I talked the husband into to bringing it down to the kitchen and thus my tablescape was born. I used a cookbook stand with an old cookbook, a candle on top of an old scale, various rooster salt and peper shakers and cermaic things, a birdcage with a candle in it and an old milk bottle.

This is what is hanging above my dresser in my kitchen. Various pictures of my family that we had taken this fall. I ecspecially love this frame in the middle it reads, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take...but by the number of moments that take our breath away!" An AWESOME quote!

Another look at the table. I might mention that the dresser really did come in handy I put all of my tablecloths and napkins in the top drawers and in the bottom I put all of my cookbooks, which makes them much easier to find then where they were previously which was about 8 foot high in my kitchen.

And a final look at my tablescape. I hope you enjoyed a look at part of my kitchen!
I should have taken before pictures but I was too excited to get started!

This is the entire wall of pictures. I think one of them is falling a bit! Oh well I love it, and I hope you did too!

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Alicia said...

Oh, I think it looks great!! I love the color of your walls too!!