Thursday, February 26, 2009

My "awesome" Picture taking skills!

So the other night I had supper going the table ready and a few minutes to spare (as you can sort of tell by the clock in the background) until Nathan got home from work. So I thought I would try to play with my camera and see what I could come up with. I had read a few suggestions about getting really close to the person's face and not using a flash and the like so I thought I would try it with my favorite subject my son. Well as you can see from the first picture he was just not really in the mood! This look is "Mom, do you really need to take my picture?"
This picture is "Mom you are so silly!" Mind you he is sitting on my dinning room table and I am not minding, because I would like just one good picture of the kid to show off my mad photography skills!
And lastly, I think my favorite shot. The paparozzi shot, "MOM NO!"

He does have cute little hands though! Well not the best pictures but fun anyways!


Alicia said...

LOL...that's how my kids are when they're tired of taking pictures!!

He's so cute!!!

Alexia said...

You do what I do LOL I just made my 2yo pose for me (and he refused, until I offered him fruit snacks)!

Blue Castle said...

I really like the last picture! His hands are adorable. :)