Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Warm Weather!

Okay so what an amazing weekend we had! It was in the fifties! Sat. I spent the greater part of the day shopping with my college roommate for a bridesmaid dress for me to wear in her wedding in August. She picked a beautiful dress at David's Bridal in the color mermaid. It is strapless, and flowy and supposed to be short, but as all of us bridesmaids are short it actually comes to about our ankles. It was a fun day and I am looking forward to going back next month to help her pick out her dress!

Then Sunday I spent the day at home, and Colton got to play outside for the first time in months. He still had to put on a snowsuit and hat and boots and the whole works but he got to spend the better part of 4 hours outside playing with Dad. They rode on the tractors, they fed the cows, they fixed Dad's pick-up, and they showed a tractor to someone looking at buying! He had the best time, but I don't think he has recovered from it yet. Below are some pictures I took through our back door because if he catches me taking pictures while he is outside playing with Dad he yells through the door "NO mom!". But I had to sneak me a couple! This is when Colton and Dad were chipping the ice off of the sidewalk! Dad with a snow shovel and Colton with his plastic hoe of course! Makes perfect sense to a 2 year old!

In the background you will notice a tractor seat that is patiently waiting for spring when I can turn it into a "chair" or "stool" for my front porch! Excitment!


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Alicia said...

Oh how cute!!! I love those kinds of shots when they don't know you're taking them!!!

The weather here is nice too! It was at least 70 degrees yesterday!