Monday, February 23, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding 2

So this weekend I took another trip to meet up with my best friend and also my college roommate (for most of my college career, but that is story for another day), but this time it was to pick out her wedding dress. After almost four hours of trying to decide, she trully picked a beautiful dress and will be a stunning bride. She also saw someone walking around in a gorgeous bridesmaid dress similar to the wedding dress she picked out and had us try it on. Turns out we liked it much better than the other dress we had already picked out and since we had not ordered it yet, no problem. So here are a couple of pictures from our day. The first is of my friend in one of her dresses, not the one she picked out but a very pretty one no less. And the second is of her in another dress again not the one she picked with me and her sister in the new dresses. They will not be this color they will be "mermaid" aka tourquoise (ish)! Enjoy!


Alicia said...

Oh how exciting for her!!!!

I like the BM dresses! Very cute!!

Jessica D. said...

I seen you were at my blog so I jumped over to yours. Cute blog you have. I also checked our you Esty store, cute stuff. You have a nice family.